Love my neighbourhood

話說最近胃部不是很舒服,醫生建議食多點澱粉質比麥皮來得好。所以最近早餐改食麵包。公司後街有一間麵包舖,細細地,但麵包香,熱騰騰,好新鮮。兩位姐姐好精神,好笑容,好禮貌。記得有次只買一個幾蚊麵包,身上並無足夠零錢,好唔好意思。姐姐話:唔駛唔好意思!五百蚊都有得找! ••• My stomach isn't function very well recently, my doctor advises me to have some carbs rather than oats. So I then have bread these few days. There is one little bakery right around near the office. It indeed is little but the delicious smell, the warmth of bread. So fresh! The two aunties at the bakery are so bright and friendly. Once I bought a few bucks bread without any coins but a 100 dollar note. She then said "Don't worry, it's fine. I can give you changes even if you gave me a 500 dollar note." ••• Btw shout out to @juka.zakka! Thank you for your souvenir from Seoul 😘 ••• #支持小店 #hk #bread #bakery #thisismetanoia #delicious #handlettering #handletteringdaily #instalike #instagood #hkig #happy #breakfast

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Don’t lose yourself in this financial world. Find your root of happiness! Appreciate little things around you 🙂


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